Top 10 Underrated Movies About Love



  1. Heartbreakers 

We understand the pleasure with which Sigourney Weaver acted in bed scenes and tried on luxurious underwear. We will not mention how old she was at the time of filming, but the lion’s share of the charm of this adventurous comedy was presented by her, a brilliant swindler, tricking men and pumping millions out of them. Okay, tens of thousands, but you get the ideaShe was quite lucky to get Ray Liotta as her partner for the film, and he played his role quite well. 

  1. The Misfits 

The only picture in which Monroe was allowed to show at least a few facets of her dramatic talent. The story of a sad and overly sensual divorcee and an elderly cowboy (played by Clark Gable, Marilyn’s favorite actor), filmed in deserted and harsh landscapes, tells of irresistible solitude. Different men roam around the golden-haired beauty by the name Roslyn; she finds sympathy and a compliment for each and every one of them, but this world is not created for affection and sympathy. It’s not created for love either. 

  1. As Good as it Gets 

The perfect match for the plot: an elderly misanthrope and a shabby housewife. He hates everyone around her; she is wound up and confused. Heaven was pleased to kindle a spark between them, and in the fire, almost everyone involved was killed. James L. Brooks, one of the inspirers of the series The Simpsons, twenty years ago staged a very interesting melodrama about two dissimilar but converging loneliness. The movie is great; the best part of it is the plot. 

  1. A Star Is Born 

The well-recognizable voice of Judy Garland became the perfect setting for this story, which will soon be transferred to the screen for the fourth time: the famous actor, the test of fame, alcoholism and loss, loss, loss. It is this version of the story, which is touching and a little cheesy (62 years have passed, no one is eternal), captivates its viewers till this dayYou should watch this movie with a person you love. But if you don’t have that person in your life, then you should check out the following signs that will help you tell if a coworker likes you, maybe your love was very near for a long time, you just didn’t know it was there. 

  1. CorrinaCorrina 

A good story about an orphaned girl and her soft father (by the way, once again, played by Ray Liotta). After the war, a girl by the name Corrina (played by Whoopi Goldberg, of course) appears in the house of Singers and arranges the order in the family. The movie takes place in the 50s when the relationship between blacks and whites could not imply romance; there was too much pressure from society. 

  1. Amour 

The most ascetic and at the same time lively and life-giving film by Michael Haneke amazed everyone a few years ago. Georges and Anna are over eighty, and Anna is at death’s door. Georges watches in horror as his wife’s memory disappears, and then as her body fails too. After all these years, when his wife took care of him, he has to take her place. He has to spend the rest of her days by her side. 

  1. Meeting Venus 

Opera is not about fairies, roulades, and muses. The opera is inhabited by brontosaurs, armadillos, harpies, and Valkyries  otherwise, there is no way to survive (as in almost any community related to art; the biting metaphor of the “like-minded terrarium” did not arise from scratch and wasn’t just a product of some imaginative mind). In this reality, adultery, gossip, fraud, blackmail, bribes, and denunciations are common; everyone sees themselves as the main part of the mechanism and uses the entire arsenal that they have (claws, horns, hooves, fangs) to gnaw their way to the spotlights or they will have to accept the consequences of failure. The movie is quite touching and dives deep into the seedy underbelly of business and the things that people do for the sake of fame and money. 

  1. The Remains of the Day 

This movie is set on the basis of a magnificent novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Even Downton Abbey pales in comparison to this movie, the director of which was James Ivory. The love of details, interiors, gestures, and cues, where there is not a single superfluous feature or gesture, allows you to truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere oold Britain. Anthony Hopkins plays the role of butler Stevens, who is in love with the housekeeper, Miss Kenton. But the rules of conduct, tact, and British culture make it difficult for him to express his feelings. 

  1. The Mirror Has Two Faces 

Everyone is already impatiently waiting for Rose (Barbra Streisand) to marry, her mother, sister, and friends. Meanwhile, professor of mathematics Gregory Larkin (Jeff Bridges) realizes that he will be able to create the perfect couple only with an ugly woman. Faith brings Rose and Gregory together. This is one of the underrated films of world cinema, an amazing comedy, and an amazing love story. You should really give it a try and see just how underrated it is. 

  1. One Day 

On the night of the graduation party, the modest Emma and the heartbreaker Dexter meet each other for the first time. A promising evening turns into a fiasco, and the couple promise to become good friends and keep in touch no matter what. Years pass, the heroes fall in love, part, change their homes, and jobs. The only thing that remains unchanged is their strong friendship. Almost twenty years after their first meeting, they finally realize that they love each other. But is this enough to be happy?